Many people think design is just about eye-catching images and shapes,
but they’re missing the point. There are many other ways design
delivers dollars.


Daniel Pink, author of “A Whole New Mind”, references interesting research results about how much money good design generates for companies. Research from the London Business School indicates that company profits rise about 3-4% for every 1% invested in product design. Other research reveals a higher stock value for design-oriented companies by a “wide margin” over companies that don’t foster a favorable experience through their goods and services.

Great package design delivers on four types of Return-On-Investment:

Sugarman Design loves examples of design that deliver on ROI. For example, EVOL Foods has created a brand identity that challenges design convention to maximize their investment with all four of the above ROI design processes.


Engaging Prospects with LOVE

EVOL Foods created ROI starting with their name. “EVOL” is LOVE spelled backwards. Once consumers make the visual connection with the anagram, many continue to think of the brand as LOVE instead of EVOL. Once again, testimony of the power of that first impression lives on in our minds. The “e” creates a target too, since our minds are drawn to things that look like mistakes.

Evol’s brand message also makes an emotional connection. “Love what you eat” is the foundation of their mission statement: ” … to inspire people to care about where food comes from and how it is produced by making REAL food that tastes delicious. Love what you eat”.

The Evolution of EVOL

EVOL’s originated as another company called Phil’s Fresh Foods. Phil had been making healthy, all natural burritos using sustainable practices since 2002. In 2009 he met Brendan and Tom, two savvy entrepreneurs who had big ideas for Phil’s burritos. They merged and rebranded, creating EVOL Foods, a new venue for Phil’s great products.

In addition to engaging prospects (ROI #1), the concept of LOVE drives the package design and generates return on investment in the other three ROI categories:

Sustainable Practices Improve Business Process

Everything about EVOL’s packaging depicts their commitment to straightforward honesty in ingredients, packaging and the environment. Cartons are made with uncoated 100% recyclable chipboard. Compostable serving bowls are made from natural agricultural by-products.


Authenticity & Austerity Reinforces Brand Position

Simple, sparely-adorned packaging communicates their brand position of straightforward honesty in ingredients, packaging and commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

LOVE Increases Profits

Success was easy after incorporating the mission of LOVE into their Brand Story.  Within three months of the rebranding, EVOL Burritos became the #2 natural/organic frozen burrito brand in the country. Branding and package design played a large role in their success because it was easy for customers to share the EVOL Brand Story.

Before the rebranding, they were a company of 16 employees selling 127,000 cases of burritos per year. By 2011, EVOL expanded their product line to meet customer demand and the company grew to 71 full-time employees, making 6,611,636 units per year!

We took EVOL through Sugarman Design’s proprietary brand quiz and they did very well. (100 points possible)

Brand Quiz Score: 84 Points

Does your Brand Story increase your Return-On-Investment?



Contact Paula Sugarman at 916.965.5900 |

Paula Sugarman is owner of Sugarman Design, a full service branding and package design studio specializing in Design Return-On-Investment. Sugarman Design uses a proprietary 3D process to generate award-winning designs and generate profit. We consider your distribution and shelf domination processes as part of the brand design. We evaluate how your clients and wholesale buyers engage with your product – and how a unique Brand Story can enhance that experience, speeding purchase decisions.


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